SUSG hosts Project Space Impact Webinar

Photo credits Project Space Impact Facebook Page The Mind Matters Movement and several Silliman student organizations hosted the Project Space Impact webinar, which discusses safe spaces, gender-based sexual violence, the importance of mental support systems, and the power of the youth in [READ MORE]

Party chairs call SUSG Virtual Halalan ‘fair and success’

by Francis Ryan Pabiania and Hannah Patricia Abril | May 5, 2021 Photo credits: CAUSE party and SURE party Despite the shift to all online set-up, respective party chairperson of Students’ Union for Reforms (SURE) and Concerted Action for the Upliftment of Students’ Endeavors (CAUSE) parties [READ MORE]

SUSG voter turnout increases by 17.4% from the previous year

By Ian Zane T. Esparaga | May 5, 2021 Photo credits: SUSG Comelec Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) Virtual Halalan last April 28 recorded an increase in voter turnout this year. The SUSG Commission on Elections (COMELEC) garnered a total of 8,894 number of voters this year with a 55.5% [READ MORE]