Life as a Commuter

By Chrisse Martha B. Gillesania | NEWS WRITER


Anyone who has been to Silliman would understand why the noontime rush is a bother.

At the end of my 11:30 class, I would make it a point to avoid the Hibbard Ave. (the road between Katipunan Hall and SU Junior High School) due to the appalling traffic situation in the area, and for obvious reason: cars parking left and right, cars stopping in the middle of the road, cars’ hazardous back lights blinking, cars, cars, cars.

I could hardly hire a pedicab in the confusion.

Despite efforts to make the said road one-way, the vexing reality lives on—traffic congestion is merely an after effect of traffic rule defiance, and more often than not, the rules are evaded overtly. Such confidence emerges from the idea that no traffic enforcers are present.

Some studies have shown that traffic congestion is caused by the rapid population growth and consequently, by the rapid increase in transportation media. This phenomenon is common in big cities, in metropolitan areas where booming businesses and wide four-lane roads are apparent.

Meanwhile, Dumaguete’s roads are too slim to be termed as such.

But the traffic congestion is an issue, nevertheless. This is probably the reason why some major roads in the city have been made one-way by the Traffic Management Office.

While the city government has made an effort to reduce the traffic jam, the problem lives on in Silliman. Educated people have their way of doing things, it seems. As for me, I would suggest that cars (and other transportations, so as to be fair) would indeed obey the rules of the streets, in the same way they obey the rules of their employers. Time is money, they say, and wasting other people’s time can be quite costly.

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