Facebook Special Reacts

Compiled by Compiled by Ma. Jaya A. Ariola | Features Editor


HI! BYE! The custom Facebook reactions for major holidays or moments in culture have gone as quickly as they showed up. We enjoyed them for a short time, but the essence behind them has made a mark on netizens and left us asking for their return. Sadly, Facebook released a statement that they are no longer doing custom reactions, with no explanation as to why. The last one on this list, however, begs to disagree…


flat,550x550,075,f.u1.jpgTHANKFUL. Introduced in 2016 and was back in 2017, this purple flower emoticon was released to help netizens express their appreciation and gratitude for Mother’s Day (and for everything else, as well).

source: https://www.redbubble.com/people/anthonycampbell/works/26394708-thankful-flower-react-reaction-mothers-day-facebook?p=poster



1f3f3-1f308.pngPRIDE. Released last June, this reaction helped in furthering the cause of LGBTQIA+ rights and visibility. It didn’t show up this year, even though it’s year #20gayteen. Ugh, sad reacts only.

source: https://emojiterra.com/rainbow-flag/



StarTrekEmoji.pngSTAR TREK. On its 50th anniversary, Star Trek was featured in the whole line of FB reactions. It was only available to US and Canada users. The reactions prospered, but did not live long.

source: https://www.theverge.com/2016/9/8/12846752/star-trek-50-anniversary-facebook-reactions



plane-react1(rts).jpgPLANE. No one knows what this is for. Available only for the updated app on Android last August 1 for a few hours, FB said this was just a bug, not a feature. Huh, looks like it wasn’t cleared for takeoff. Zuckerberg, would you care to explane?

source: https://hornet.com/stories/facebook-plane-react/


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