“What do you think of President Rodrigo Duterte’s third SONA? Do you think it was sufficient and satisfactory?”

Compiled by Jullian Rae Alexandra D. Macrohon | Circulation Manager


President Rodrigo Duterte’s third SONA was a little bit unusual, but also well stated. His third report to the nation only contained all his future plans for the country and did not give emphasis to his administration’s achievements. This SONA was only 35 minutes long, but it contained what he wants our country to be on the next administrations to come.He was urging the people and the Congress to help him rebuilt and develop a nation that has lost his former glory before.
-Roi Vincent C. Morin, HUMSS 11

I’m having second thoughts about President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent SONA but nonetheless, I still trust his word and hope that he continues to strive for the better good of our country
-Jorleen Shane De la Cruz, STEAM 11

I support Duterte’s plans for the country; but, there will always be opposition to his ideas. It will be hard to implement his ideas when other people also have their own opinions and mindsets. To have the whole country cooperate would be a miracle!

I think that President Duterte’s SONA was good since he is letting us know how he envisions the future of our country although it was short. He said that he is worried for both the present and the past since he knows what crimes the youth of our country can do and if not stopped, crimes might make human cesspools of succeeding generations. It is reassuring that he is thinking not only for our current state but also for our future. For me, it was satisfactory.
-Jeiann Marie Parrocho Teves, STEAM 11

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