“It’s almost Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) elections. What attributes should the next SUSG President and Vice President possess?”

Compiled by Miles Therese Granada | Circulation Manager

Leaders should be open minded to listen to different people and should be brave to make actions & changes when there is something serious that needs to be fixed. For example, international students had a lot of problems regarding higher tuitio without prior notice, and there are also stereotypes/discrimination issues. Even if the leaders do not relate to the situation, they need to try to understand our side and be willing to help us.
Heun Yang, Bachelor of Fine Arts- III

For me, the next SUSG President and Vice-President should possess a strong will and passion to serve.
Raizza Phoebe K. Rubi,a BBA Management – IV

I believe the most important attribute a leader should possess is good social skills. This includes being honest, confident, empathetic and accountable for the things they do and with this you can get the students’ trust. Even during the campaign period, being able to touch people’s minds and to make them understand the core concepts and values that they are trying to uphold is the main goal.
Joshua Mariano E. Nario, BS Mechanical Engineering – V

I believe the next SUSG President and Vice-President should not only lead and dictate to his/her people but also listen, follow and understand them. Aside from that they should be honest, responsible and passionate about their work.
John Philip P. Cavales – BS in Mechanical Engineering- III

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