The Types of People I Met Last Valentine’s Day

Angelica Mae D. Gomez | Feature Writer

Lately, while thinking of something to write about, the coming of Valentine’s Day came to mind. It was then that I had a sudden rush of thought.

That thought had me thinking about how it would be a great idea to pursue a topic that would require me asking around the people that I have always interacted with regarding their views about this traditional event that has been observed for years.

So, I took the time in learning more about their notions in what most of them called “just an ordinary day” or a “capitalist celebration.”

What I have gathered were a collection of heartwarming, funny and cynical perspectives from people with differing opinions.

Here are their responses:

1.The Person Who Called It an “Illusion”

“Valentine’s Day is just an illusion.”
This person believes that Valentine’s Day is just an illusion made by capitalists to make money from people. She said that love should be celebrated every day and not just on Valentine’s Day.

2.The Person Who Planned a Ladies Night

“Just going out with friends and going out to restaurants and camp-outs”
This person is more than content with spending Valentines with her best pals.

3.The Person Who Thought Valentines Was Just a Capitalistic Event

“Valentine’s Day isn’t such a big deal to both [my partner and I].”
This person, who is in a relationship for over six years now with her significant other, battles against the idea of capitalistic events. So, what they just planned to do was just have a normal day. This person also said that what kept them together are the shared qualities of equality, understanding and thoughtfulness between the two of them. They give when they can and they don’t buy stuff for each other that they don’t need.

4.The Hopeful Romantic

“I’m planning to celebrate [Valentine’s Day] with the love of life – Love for life itself and for the future and the present. That’s my kind of love.”
This person shared that Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and it depends on the person what love for them is about because love comes in four forms: Agape, Eros, Philia and Storge.

With that being said and despite being single, he remains to have a positive outlook and hopes nothing but the best.

5.The Person Who Was Kind of Bitter But In Denial

“I think Valentine’s Day is a special day for couples. So if you don’t have one, you don’t celebrate.”
In the end, she said that “it’s just a day with a label.”

6.The Person in a Committed Relationship

“Every day is a day for couples, if you want it to be… It doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s Day.”
To this person, he and his girlfriend usually go out to dinner and take long walks around Silliman campus before
they go home.

For them, Valentine’s Day is another ordinary day where they take each other out. The only difference is getting expensive dinner that is worth P250 and above.

7.The Person Who Was Too Busy to Notice Valentine’s Day

“I want to finish my thesis!”
This person would rather finish her final thesis first more than anything.

8.The Person Who Gives Tribute To The People in Her Life

“Valentine’s Day should be celebrated with the people who have been there for you all throughout and that  specifically goes to your closest friends and your family.”
For this person, it’s not a requirement to have a girlfriend/boyfriend for you to enjoy Valentine’s Day. She believes that if you spend it with the people you truly love like our friends and our family, you will be happier than being
in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy.

9.The Person Who’s “Single and Ready to Mingle”

“I’m currently single and open about new possibilities.”
Though this person is not against people who wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day, she personally thought that it is just like any ordinary day. She’ll celebrate it with friends.

10.The Person Who Was Not a Fan of Valentine’s Day

“I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day because I think love and relationship should be celebrated every day.”
This person finds Valentine’s Day as a capitalist celebration or a celebration that gives pressure to relationships.

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