“Have you noticed improvements or actions taken by your college representatives or student councils in the previous semester?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift Libby, Associate Editor-In-Chief

I think student leaders are trying their best to meet their constituents’ expectations. However, there are factors that affect the implementation of programs and services. One of it is the decreasing in number of population in small colleges because of K+12. Student orgs. might collect small amount that won’t compensate their target budget in implementing such project.
Eugene Jamandron, Bachelor of Mass Communication – IV

I really haven’t felt any improvement or seen any actions taken by our college reps and our college council in the last semester. Sure, they are visible during important events, especially the recent SUFA strike. But I felt that they should be doing more to increase pressure on the SU administration for transparency on the fees, such as the aircon fees and others. I know that is a big task, but that is also one of their responsibilities as our representatives: to be our voice and to fight for our rights as students.
Royd Edcel Chan, BS Foreign Affairs II

Frankly, no. I hate to say it but I don’t really feel our college representatives. It’s like we elected them just to be a brand. An image to represent our college but not really a working body. But our own student council did a better job of not only pressing obvious efforts but also making sure that the students feel that we are one and integrated in the system. The council may not have been perfect at it but for me, they really did put up quite an effort in their services and I believe that’s something worth commendable. I also believe our college reps are putting up effort to push their
resolutions and platforms but i guess it’s still not enough to be felt pa.
Ike B. Marcial, Bachelor of Science in Nursing III

These student leaders, in their defense, may have done some improvements to provide a great semester/year for the student body, but, in my opinion, I have not noticed any major improvements in the previous semester. Frankly speaking, it still feels like another “normal” year.
Glyndon G. Ramos BBA Management III

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