Alumnus donates P10M for Medicine scholarship

Chrisse Martha Gillesania | News Writer

Silliman University Medical School (SUMS)  received a donation of P10 million   from an SU alumnus and cardiologist to pay for scholarships for medical students.

Dr. Romeo P. Ariniego, recipient of the Outstanding Sillimanian Award in 2010, donated the money during the Founders Day Celebration last August.

The scholarship, which was named after him, will be awarded starting next school year. It can accommodate one or two students per year.

An estimated P150, 000 is allotted for each student scholar per semester, covering tuition fees, book allowances, and other miscellaneous expenses

In 2015, Ariniego also donated a sum of P10 million to SU for the establishment of an art gallery which now houses part of his art collection.

“It’s both an honor and a privilege that you are given such a scholarship, knowing that Dr. Ariniego is a medical professional, so his personal choice was to give that scholarship to deserving medical students,” said Dr. Walden R. Ursos, dean of SUMS.

According to Ursos, to qualify for this scolarship, applicants must be Filipino citizens who graduated at the  top 10% of their class in qualified baccalaureate degree programs in any public or private school in the Philippines, with a National Medical Admission (NMAT) percentile rank of 75 and above, and who passed the qualifying criteria and entrance protocols of the S.U. Medical School.

First priority will be given to children or qualified dependents of Silliman University personnel with salaries in the lowest 20% bracket.

Second priority will be given to children or qualified dependents of families who are residents of Dumaguete City for at least 7 years, and who belong to the lowest income bracket identified by CHED as equivalent to tax exempt.

Third priority is for children or qualified dependents of families who are residents of any LGU in Negros Oriental for at least 7 years, and who have graduated from the government’s 4Ps program as officially certified under oath by the municipality or City or Provincial DSWD officer.

Scholarship application must be submitted to the Student Scholarship & Aid Division (SSAD) on or before April 30 annually for documentary screening. The SSAD shall accept scholarship application as early as January prior to start of the school year.

Application of qualified applicants shall be forwarded to the SU Medical Office with the other required documents for screening, interview and final selection of recipients by the SUMS Scholarship Committee.

A scholarship recipient is required to render community service of two years for every year he was a recipient of the scholarship, after
passing the National Physicians Licensure Examination or not. The return service must be done anywhere in the Philippines but preferably within Negros Oriental.

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