Bullied no more

Hannah Diane E. Bengco | Blurred Lines

Bullying in general is an abusive action that causes emotional and physical pain towards another person. This comes in a lot of forms; it could be humiliating others, voicing out insensitive words, or even causing physical pain. This is a devastating moment for anyone who is a victim of bullying. In a perfect world and in a perfect society, bullying should have never existed.

I myself am a victim of bullying. I was tormented and beaten down for being too tall, too skinny, even called stupid, and humiliated in front of a lot of people. Why do bullies take pride and happiness in the sadness of other people? They take joy in seeing other people being embarrassed. And as a result, a victim of those degrading acts would often develop self-doubt, lifelessness, and suicidal thoughts.

But now gone are the days of my being bullied because I realized that I can escape this kind of torment if I don’t give in to the bullies. One can stop the cycle of bullying by simply confronting them and directly telling them that bullying is not good.

To be bullied no more, one must be able to stand up for him or herself. Prove them wrong, and be the better version of yourself. Bullies stop when you can defend yourself and they see that you are no longer weak. Be strong and be courageous to stop bullying. Always remember that there is nothing wrong with you, simply because you, we, are all created in God’s image. If you can get through this, you can get through anything because that phase in your life makes you stronger.

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