The “Woke” Millenial at 2 a.m.

Michiko Je M. Bito-on | All That Jazz

What does it mean to be relevant at this day and age? Does it have something to do with being the first, the most –liked, followed, talked about— in everything we do? Does it mean “having it all” because you “know it all”?

Being bombarded with information and new experiences is a template of a millennial’s daily life. It feels great at certain points because what we want and where we want to go is often answered with a click of a button. Going on a vacay within a budget? Sure. Need help with a project? Consider it done. Tired of the same old _______? No problem. Since doing tasks becomes easier now, we can do so much more in a day. And this is EXACTLY why we do so much in a day without even noticing.

For people who don’t have an existing caffeine addiction, consider drinking your first ever double expresso shot in the morning just for the fun of it. In a matter of minutes, the high comes and you feel like you can read Martin’s
“Human Anatomy and Physiology” (Second Edition) and end world hunger while doing pushups. The same goes with being the technological native that we are. We feed off of our photographed History 11 notes, campaign for our advocacies online while hoping for true love on Tinder. But just like caffeine high, the buzz ends in a wakeful storm of a headache.

With so many options on hand, it becomes harder to decide what we really need. This is also why, with our cellphone clinging culture, many of us get anxious, frustrated and depressed. This is where we begin to question and realize that augmented reality doesn’t necessarily make life better or more fulfilling. We complain about not having enough hours in a day and wonder when we’re going to have enough sleep.

You don’t need more hours. You need to work too hard. You just need to work smart. Focus on what really important and what needs to be done. Everything else is of secondary importance. Rather than lining up your schedule one after another, place a few minutes in between to catch your breath. This is your obligation to yourself.

Out of habit, you may find yourself in autopilot when you begin thinking about your “to-do’s”, what has been done or what’s going to happen. This is where the pressure and fear gets in the way of living life. Learn to be mindful of the present moment. People expectations your capabilities never disappear but what happens right here, right now cannot be replayed. It takes practice but it’s critical to your sanity and survival.

More importantly, disconnect. Turn. Off. That. Damned. Phone. I’ve never regretted glaring at friends and family for setting up a hang out only to find out that more browsing goes on rather than talking. Goof around with people, exercise your jawbone and free up some lung space with laughter. You’ll come to realize that life’s not as lonely as you think when you’re filling your senses with people who matter in your life.

You are capable of saving the world but it doesn’t have to happen right now. Perhaps you don’t need to have all the answers today. Maybe you just have to stay still and look closer because that boy with chinky eyes and braces has been meaning to talk to you all this time.

Michiko Je M. Bito-on is Communications Strategist at Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Mass Communication batch 2016.

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