Hataw Sayaw: A Dance Competition for Peace and Reconciliation

Jenievieve Ann O. Amores | Business Manager

Amid the hullabaloos in the country like issues on insurgency, extrajudicial killings and terrorism, one cannot think of any better solution that can dilute this problem. If there is, maybe the force is so hard to reckon with that these solutions are overpowered.

It is safe to say then, that what we all we have today; the light at the end of the tunnel is oblivious.

Cliché as it may sound; we have to start with toddler steps in order to attain the penultimate goal of one sovereignty- peace and unity.

As students of Silliman, we are just a pebble of the mile-long sandbar of solutions to these pre-existing societal dilemmas. But, even though we are just a portion of it, the thought of doing something about it is, after all, a contribution.

One way achieving peace and reconciliation is through dancing and the arts.

On Aug. 21, dormers and residents in the university finally got the chance to show the fruits of their late-night practices in the annual inter-dormitory and cottages dance competition, “Hataw Sayaw.”

This year’s theme centered on “Peace and Reconciliation.”

Ma. Kayla Elizabeth Pili, chair of the student government dorm and housing life committee, said that the current events in our country, like the Marawi siege and the extra judicial killings, led to the conceptualization of the theme.

“I think that making it as theme in the dance contest would really help informing students [that] it is really a need [of the] country right now.”

Out of the many cottages and dorms here in Silliman, only Azucena Cottage, Channon Hall, Larena Hall, Doltz Hall and DavPil (Davao and Ipil) Cottage participated in the contest.

Despite having only five groups and complexity of theme, Pili said that she was overwhelmed by the performances.

Larena Hall was declared third placers while dancers form Channon Hall bagged the second place. Doltz Hall emerged as this year’s Hataw Sayaw champion.

CJ Samson Barinaga, dancer from Doltz Hall, said he did not expect to win.

He said he has been joining this competition ever since first year but this is the first time that his team won the first prize.

“We did not expect to win because we only had three days to practice. We took it as an advantage rather than a weakness,” Barinaga said.

Despite the obvious competition among the teams, it is still the reason why they dance matters- to espouse a powerful message that really leaves a mark to everyone who witnessed their performances.

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