“How did you find the 71st Miss Silliman Pageant?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift M. Libby | Associate Editor

This year’s Miss Silliman Contestants are one of the most intelligent, talented, passionate, and beautiful people i’ve
seen. To see them competing for one crown is beyond words and the competition’s bar is set high. For me, no matter who would’ve or should’ve won, it would have been satisfactory because they were all evenly matched and all of them deserve a crown. Lorena S. Mariño, BSCE-IV

A woman with beauty, confidence, elegance, passion and a heart to serve God and His people is a depiction of a Silliman woman and I believe that this year’s Miss Silliman is that kind of woman.Therefore, Miss Silliman 2017 result is very satisfactory. Alan May Bial, BSCE-III

“We’re satisfied with the results because of Miss CCS’ answers that had more substance and more “meat” in them.”
Camille Maratas, COPVA Alumni

“Just enough. I was not expecting that Miss CED will just be in the Top 3, I really thought that she would win, or at least be in the Top 2. However, I also think that all of them are deserving to be the next Miss Silliman.”Honey Lou Migallen, BSMT- IV

I think that the results from this year’s Miss Silliman Pageant was fair. Miss CCS showed us that she is truly an epitome of a Silliman Woman. Marjurie Otod, BSME – III

I’m really satisfied with the results, because actually, during the pre-pageant, I already knew deep inside that the Miss Silliman title would be between Miss High School and Miss CCS. Christian Futalan, BMC – IV

To be honest, it was very satisfactory. Miss CCS deserved to win, and she was truly a good example of beauty, grace, and intelligence. Donn Kirby Lumayag, BSMT – III

I didn’t really expect that Miss CCS would win because first and foremost, I know her (Alyssa) personally and I know that she doesn’t really do/like those kinds of girly, pageant stuff. She was really a darkhorse during the press launch up until the pageant night. As her friend, seeing her achieve her dream really makes me happy, contented, and very proud. Shiela Maquiling, BSCE – IV

“This year’s Miss Silliman results were absolutely satisfactory. Being a student from a college who didn’t have a candidate for 6 years and to think that I’ve shared tears and smiles with Alyssa(Ling) gives so much joy and pride to me and to my college. In my opinion, the result of tonight’s pageant were fair since the judges chose to not only make this a pageant centered around beauty, but a pageant based on intellect. Modesty aside, I believe Alyssa (Ling) really stood out by exhibiting both beauty and brains.”
Justin Carlos Malana, BSIT – IV

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