“Generally, are you satisfied with the Silliman University Student Government’s performance this school year?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift M. Libby

“No. I’m not satisfied because their performance for the school year didn’t meet what they promised last year. Although we cannot expect a perfect administration, all I can say is it wasn’t satisfactory because their plans on giving students the fun they promise for the year backfired especially if you compare it to the previous [administration].”
Jocelie Babe Isaga, Bachelor of Mass Communication IV

“Yes, of course, I am satisfied. Whatever kind of mistakes or lapses there have been, I can still see the hard work and effort given by the SUSG and what’s more important to me is seeing them trying to do what they have promised at the very beginning. If they failed at certain aspects, well apparently, they did, I don’t really care about it. Because again, most, if not all can see their determined attempts and their commitment to serve just to achieve the common purpose which is to protect and promote students’ rights and welfare.”
Marvy Faye M. Suarez, Bachelor of Science in Nursing III

“We all have expectations and comparison will never be out of the picture. All I have to say is that the performance of the SUSG will never be based on how many parties they had, but will always be on how they catered the problems the concerned the whole student body of Silliman.”
Richmond James Cañete, Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology II

Next Issue’s Question:
“Is it still significant to celebrate the 31st EDSA Revolution? Why or why not?”

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Indicate your full name (with middle initial), course and year.

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