Break The Wall

Eric Gerard D. Ruiz


History has been a witness to the effects of self-interest in the society. Key events in history were products of purely self-interest. From the assassination of Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna up to the controversies surrounding politicians today, all are products of self-interest.

In public service and governance, self-interest has played a major role in graft and corruption. In the Philippines, corruption has been part of Philippine politics. Or, probably, corruption is already a norm in a system of bent politics and poor governance.

In Negros Oriental, Gov. Roel Degamo has faced charges of 11 counts of malversation and one count of graft, according to reports in Inquirer. Just last Jan. 27, Degamo bailed Php. 1.115 million. Though court judgements have not yet been passed, whether these charges are proven true or not, such happenings wouldn’t occur without self-interest. Degamo stressed that these charges are the “handiwork” of his political rivals. In a neutral perspective, it’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth. What if Degamo was right? His political rivals may have political self-interest in the governorship. Or, what if the latter was right? Degamo may also have hidden self-interest towards the disbursements of funds. Though everything remains unclear, what is crystal clear is that there is self-interest involved.

In the university level, self-interest is as clear as the view of the sea in front Silliman Hall. As a Christian institution, though leaders in the campus are imbued with the selfless leadership and integrity, the temptation of satisfying self-interests is hard to control.

We, as the voice of the student body, the voice of the voiceless, believe that self-interest is the wall that separates improvement and cooperation. Without cooperation, there is no improvement. This wall exists and it has been hindering campus improvement for a long time. Self-interest causes division among various leaders. Without a unified cause to have a selfless form of leadership, it is assured that cooperation is just a meaningless word.

We urge all leaders in the national, local, and universitywide level to be the first to stand up and demolish the wall that hinders improvement.. Cooperate. Improve. Break the wall.

About theweeklysillimanian (1996 Articles)
Official student news publication of Silliman University.

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