Angeles vs Ladero for SUSG president

Ray Chen S. Bahinting

FOR THIS YEAR’S Silliman University Student Government (SUSG) elections, an accountancy student and a philosophy major student is running against each other for presidency.

Nathalie Angeles, a junior accountancy student running for the Student Union for Reforms (SURE) Party, is a member of the Corps of Campus Ambassadors and the current chair of the SUSG Committee on Audit. While Micah Jude Sinco, chairman of the SUSG Environment committee, is her running mate for the election.

The tandem Angeles-Sinco of SURE party is against the Ladero- Manaban (LaBan) tandem, standard-bearers of the Concerted Actions for the Upliftment of Student Endeavors (CAUSE) party.

Allison Ladero is a junior philosophy major and the president of the SU Debate Society. His running-mate, Marc Rodney Manaban, is a sophomore medical technology student.

Both candidates running for president have SUSG leadership positions before.

Ladero was once a college representative to the SUSG Assembly while Angeles is the outgoing organizational development head of the student government.

The SUSG elections will take place on Feb. 22, Wednesday.

Only students who are enrolled in the current semester are allowed to participate in the elections.

Election Campaign
Moreover, the campaign for election started last Friday, Feb. 10.

Both parties will be campaigning room to room, class to class, and dorm to dorm as scheduled by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC). Only one poster per bulletin board is allowed to be pinned around the campus.

However, leaflets and fliers can be circulated given that the party will be responsible for these materials.

The campaign also extends to certain social media platforms.

As per COMELEC Guidelines for the election, only Facebook and YouTube are allowed to be used for the campaign.

Only photos, such as changing of profile pictures, campaign pictures and/or campaign videos supporting the party’s standard-bearers and campaign messages are allowed to be circulated on Facebook and YouTube.

Any messages against any candidate published and circulated in campus and in social media are prohibited.

Election campaign will end in Feb. 20.

New COMELEC Chairman
Barely two weeks before the SUSG election, the SUSG Commission on Elections (COMELEC) chairmanship was transferred to Monica Miciano, Juris Doctor III, from Rey Caballero.

Caballero is a sophomore accountancy major who was appointed chair of COMELEC last month, a week before the official filing of candidacy.

As of paper publication, Caballero has not yet issued an official statement regarding his resignation as chair of COMELEC.

However, Caballero willstill work as one of the COMELEC commissioners.

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