20 parking spaces left for students

Stephanie Ria L. Colinco

TWENTY PARKING SPACES are still available for students who want to have their own designated parking space inside the campus.

Fourteen of the available parking spaces are located in front of Larena Hall while the other six are near Gate 7. Parking stickers for these spaces cost PHP5,000 each and are valid for one semester.

Only four parking spaces were availed by students since the release in December 2016.

According to the Dean of Students, Dr. Edna Gladys Calingacion, they have observed that students and parents find Larena Hall too far so they opted not to get the parking spaces.

“Our observation is our students and their parents really like to have a parking space that is nearest to their classroom. Silliman is not that large; you can just walk around,” Calingacion said.

Calingacion also explained that they did all they can to communicate this development of the parking policy in the university, but when it was implemented, they started getting reactions.

“When we started discussing about this fee, all sectors were represented. Every step of the discussion, there was the presence of the student government. During the final draft of the policy, we had it shared to the whole community…We also had a session with student leaders at the Villareal Hall where Ma’am Tagle [vice president for Finance and Administration] communicated this development and there were no questions,” Calingacion said.

Calingacion added that they welcome suggestions and that this policy “is really about securing everyone in the university.”

“We now have a campus that encourages walking. We are no longer hearing noise pollution,” Calingacion said.

Parking for faculty and staff
The university has offered 24 parking slots for students to prioritize the faculty and staff. However, only 345 members of the faculty and staff were able to get a complimentary parking sticker when it was offered in a “first come, first serve” basis.

“Actually, the [parking spaces] fall short of the total number of faculty and staff, including part-time, adjunct, and project employees. But if we think about giving them all parking spaces, we will have a campus that is full of vehicles,” Calingacion said.

Calingacion added that some faculty and staff share the same parking space.On the other hand, faculty and staff members who do not have parking slots can get gate passes so their vehicles can enter the campus. This will allow them to be dropped off and picked up by their loved ones instead.

Free parking
The university has designated free parking areas inside the campus.

However, Christy Destor, in-charge of the distribution of parking stickers, explained that it is not totally for free for four-wheeled vehicles.

“Free parking means it is available to all kinds of stickers of any color, of any zone. The free parking slots are for a limited time only,” Destor said.

On the other hand, parking is for free for two-wheeled vehicles. Motorcycles can be parked at the back of Hibbard Hall and by the College of Business Administration gate.

Parking for the public
According to Calingacion, there are parking areas open for the community for a fee of PHP25 per hour. These and other parking areas in the campus are provided with security personnel. There are also other free parking areas for Silliman constituents.

Engr. Edgar Ygnalaga Jr., Buildings and Grounds superintendent, said that part of the national highway [front of Villareal Hall, Uytengsu Hall, and onwards] is open to the public for parking since it is not owned by the university.

Ygnalaga is asking owners of fourwheeled vehicles parked in those areas to follow proper parking rules.

Mupark sila sa kilid kalsada so wala na agi-anan ang mga tawo…Magtakilid jud unta ang ila pagpark,” Ygnalaga said.

“It is not the university’s [property]…it belongs to the city so we cannot impose ticketing for parking violators since it is outside the campus,” Ygnalaga added.

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