Two Sillimanians to attend Harvard forum

Mary Abigail T. Go & Karah Jane B. Sarita

JOINING 200-300 delegates from around the world, two Sillimanians, Genin Raya Amiscaray, and Carlisle Caroro will attend the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) Conference 2017 on Feb. 17-20 in Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA.

Amiscaray, a senior economics student, signed up for the humanitarian affairs track while Caroro, a sophomore political science student, joined the governance and diplomacy track.

Caroro, who attended the HPAIR Asia 2016 held last August, said that her heart, faith, and experience led to her acceptance in the HPAIR Harvard 2017.

She hopes that the “what was”, “what is”, and “what will be” will all lead to reaching out to people, actively participating in the community and inspiring people to take great leaps of faith.

“Being open to ideas and not just learning from the conference itself but also from the delegates will also leave one great lesson—that we should not only be confined to the walls of our ideas but also to the world’s,” Caroro said.

On the other hand, Amiscaray shared that her “Heart for a Child advocacy” in her reign as Ms. Silliman 2015, paved way for her acceptance in her interview.

“The conference is mainly an exchange of ideas from the different representatives per country on how to address relevant social, economic, and political issues at present, so it really helps a lot if you hold a deep desire to do your part in making this world a better place,” Amiscaray said.

Amiscaray and Caroro said thatthe application process consisted of an online application, an interview by the HPAIR Director, and a formal invitation if one is eligible for the conference.

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