The Six Kinds of People You Met Last Intrams

John Carlos A. Plata

Silliman University’s 2016 Intramurals was a blast! The week-long event, however, would not be complete without the people behind it. Here are the groups of people you’ve probably mingled with last week:


They are the stars of the show. Some are serious, some are cocky. Some play well, some, meh. Some you could’ve sworn you’ve never seen before during class days. No matter the circumstances, it can’t be denied that the intramurals would never even exist without them. They had trained hard day and night, and invested time and effort at the expense of their academic lives in the name of their respective colleges. Win or lose, the friendship and camaraderie they had built with their teammates after weeks of training and during the week-long competition itself would always remain, long after the games have passed.


These wild ones make up the crowd and keep it alive! They are the source of most of the noises in the gym, the field, or any other venue (well, except for, you know, chess events). They’ll bring out anything to represent their college: placards saying “SHIFT NA MO!”, blow horns, flags, and even common household objects like pans. They chant, scream, and capture memorable moments with their phone cameras. During high-pressured games, you’ll probably see cheerers from opposing teams taunt one another. And hey, bathing in the heat of the action will be one of the most enjoyable parts of the intramurals. Believe it or not, they can change the flow of a game in its critical moments, as they can make or break the playing athletes’ morale. They keep the spirit of the intramurals alive and well.


Unlike the cheerers, they blend in with the crowd. They roam in search of that attendance person right around the corner. For them, intrams week is just another time where people play sports and whatever, which means it’s a very long weekend—they can relax from the pressures of their academic life and finally achieve that 10-hour-long sleep they have been wishing for since the semester started. They attend for the sake of compliance, and probably because their attendance is tied to their major subjects. They are akin to mushrooms as they come and go about events, usually because the games are exciting, but occasionally because they are on the hunt for cute athletes here and there.


They share the views of the passives, but to a greater extent. You would not see them anywhere in the campus. You would usually see their Facebook profiles riddled with pictures of them hanging out in some resort in Siquijor or someplace else. Oftentimes, these people are the ones who live many miles away from the university; if not, they probably just want some time away from all the stress. For these people, it seems that enjoying the comforts of leaving the campus, even for just a short time, is way better than a boring sports event. And that’s okay—unless, of course, your college says otherwise.


Never underestimate the food, medic, and other committee members. They are the athletes’ helping hand in their times of distress. They serve food for the teams, respond whenever unfortunate athletes suffer an injury, and perform other functions that sway the teams away from unnecessary hassle and let them stay focused on their game. In many ways, they share a distinct connection with the team they are assigned to, because once that certain team loses, their duty comes to an end. Still, these people stay chill during the intrams because they are often only required to attend the events they are assigned to. Also, some food committee members sometimes steal food and drinks from their headquarters.

3Council officers

They are responsible for organizing their college’s participation in the intramurals, lining up the athletes and committees, and ensuring support for their respective colleges by the students. They are often under huge amounts of stress and pressure before, during, and after the intramurals. From drafting the budget to enforcing attendance and council fee payments, they work behind the scenes, being there for their college every step of the way. Though they may fight a completely different kind of battle during the intramurals, the hard work they put in to secure a successful intramurals experience for the students deserve appreciation.

What role did you play last Intrams?

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