“In line with this year’s MMFF lineup, do you think that change has fnally arrrived in the Philippine Cinema?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift M. Libby

“Signs point toward change, yes, but saying it has arrived, at the risk of sounding pessimistic, is too hopeful for the time being. Putting the spotlight on the indie creators will hopefully, at the very least, make people who’ve been accustomed to mainstream Philippine cinema, question what a good film is — that maybe there are sights and sounds to explore beyond the archetype of Pinoy rom-com and/or slapstick comedy. But, much like religion, we can’t shove this idea down people’s throat. This current format of gradually saturating the scene with quality indie films (take note that indie and “good films” are not mutually exclusive) is the way to go. The challenge of catalyzing a cultural
revolution in film is for the creators, not for the public.”
Stanley B. Alcala, Medical Doctor II

“No. As an indie film fan, there are more films that they did not accept because they still chose to screen the commercialized films. Walang change pero nag better naman, slight. I know maraming films dito na magaganda pero di masali.”
Margarita Camilla De Los Santos, Bachelor of Mass Communication III

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