“What are your expectations for the coming intramurals?”

Compiled by Gresheen Gift M. Libby

“I expect that the College Of Bussiness Administration would win again this Year. No thrill at all.”
Geli P. Yleaña, Bachelor of Elementary Education in Special Education IV

“I am worried for our college this upcoming intramurals. We do not have enough budget to support our players. This is supposed to be the time of unity but it is not the case in our college. I expect the big colleges to excel like they always do. I just hope that everyone will have a fun and safe intramurals.”
Carlee Cherokeeh T. Calingacion, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science II

“I expect that there will be a lot of struggles in between games. I mean, there are players from small colleges who play in multiple sports and get injured from time to time. So that would make their team captains scratch their heads on setting up a new ace line-up. Other than that, win or lose, good games or bad, we’ll all celebrate in the end for doing a good job.”
Ramon Gabriel B. Alvarez, Bachelor of Mass Communication III

“I expect that this year’s intramurals would show unity among the different colleges as they support their athletes. It would also create bonds that will forever be treasured by each individual in this lifetime. Since it is my first intramurals here, I want it to be memorable and I for one know that it will be.”
Anja Shanelle A. Fontelo, STEAM


Next Issue’s Question:
“In line with this year’s MMFF lineup, do you think that change has finally arrived in the Philippine Cinema?”

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