Be On Guard: Being Healthy during the Cold Season

Merell Lystra L. Recta

“The raindrops pouring down so hard, and diseases await on your backyard.” The cold season is here and Christmas is fast approaching—but sickness, unfortunately, has no seasonal break. It doesn’t matter if it is too cold or too hot. As long as you have a weak immune system, it can penetrate your body and ruin a day’s work. Sickness is not an easy enemy to defeat, but being equipped with the proper armor can save you from the invasion of infectious microorganisms.

Be hygienic
Hygiene is vital when it comes to fighting sickness. As much as possible, it is important to wash your hands before and after eating. Taking a bath daily and cleaning your workplace as often as possible should also be practiced. It is not an assurance that you are free from sickness, but at least you are trying to lessen your risk of getting sick.

Incorporate exercise in your daily activities
Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs. Simple activities such as this can be a form of exercise; it doesn’t need to be extraneous. But exercising alone isn’t enough. Being healthy also includes consuming the proper and right amount of food to keep our cells functioning and well.

Be cautious with what you eat and drink
Our bodies are made up of 60% water, and we consume food to acquire the energy we need to perform cellular processes. It is important to keep track of your food choices, especially if you eat in restaurants or carinderias. Because if food is not cooked properly or water is not purified enough, bacteria can enter your body and can further lead to gastrointestinal infections.

Take daily supplements
Most of the time, the food that we eat cannot provide the sufficient amount of nutrients our body needs. Though not a requirement, it is advisable to take in vitamins daily to supplement those lacking nutrients.

Always bring an umbrella
Climate change makes our weather unpredictable; it can turn a sunny morning into a rainy one. Thus, one must always carry a handy umbrella wherever one goes to avoid headaches, cough, and colds.

Stay alert and be observant
Sometimes, you can avoid being admitted to the hospital if you know how to listen to your body’s responses. Nobody knows you better than yourself. As much as possible, be alert and observant, especially if you are in public places. Some infections are contagious, and can easily be transmitted through close contact. No matter how healthy you may think you are, there will always be a time when your own immune system lets its guard down. Sickness is not predictable, but it can be avoided by following the smart tips mentioned above. Better if you spend some pesos for vitamins than spend thousands inside the hospital once the worst scenario comes, after all. Wealth is taking care of your body well. Stay safe, and don’t let sickness bring you down.

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