Double Meaning

Silliman University (SU) will release a new traffic and parking policy next week, another move to the recently heightened security measures taken by the university. It is a move that is both beneficial, not only for security and environmental purposes, but also for the school as a whole as it will assist in generating more revenues.

SU started its stricter implementation of its parking policies due to national and local security concerns. Since the implementation, bomb-sniffing dogs can be seen roaming around the campus and security guards double-check if the students’ faces match their ID pictures before allowing them to enter. It follows that there should also be a stricter parking policy, especially with the fact that SU allows parking privileges to the general public. Although risks and threats can be reduced, outsiders also pose a bigger threat to the security of the campus: more public access, more threats.

It also worth noticing that this may be another move to increase revenues. Atty. Fe Marie Tagle, vice-president for Finance and Development, said that part of the collections from the car stickers will go to scholarships. For some, however, the price increase sounds unnecessary. The general public can park inside the campus which means more revenues from the stickers. Yes, we are helping decongest the saturated streets of Dumaguete, but the administration should also see to it that the increase in price will really be worth the peace of mind of those who choose to park their cars in the campus.

Indeed, it is commendable for SU to provide more security for vehicles inside campus. Students, faculty and staff, and also the general public can now leave their belongings without worrying about thieves. Tagle added that with the new policy, there will be assignment of parking zones to students, faculty and staff, parents, and the general public—a smooth move to eliminate the need for fighting for a parking spot. Also, it is admirable that SU has its aim to reduce carbon footprints. It encourages students to use bicycles or to walk instead. In this way, the campus is smoke-free from vehicles, and by walking, it helps Sillimanians and the visitors to see the beauty of the campus.

We believe that SU is doing its best in improving campus security. We stand firm in the fact that this is all for the greater good. But, mind this: we don’t want the students to view this as a revenue-generating move. It is up to the administration how will they implement this.

As the voice of the student body, we strongly disagree with the increase of parking fees. But, we stand by the fact that this for a safer and peaceful campus. After all, this issue can be interpreted in two ways: political and social. It has double meaning.

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